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Welcome to Totally Recommended Painting Service est: 1916

Totally Recommended Painting Service are a third generation painting company. Started back in 1916 by Bill Sheen, then son Terry Sheen and years on Gary Sheen.

Totally Recomended Painting Service started in 1916 to provide quality painting of all aspects. Bill Sheen started the company back in 1916 that has now grown to one of the leading painting companies of its time - as a W.A family company that has been providing service in all aspects of complete painting. Our service is to provide quality painting while taking care of its employees. Our field covers residential, commercial, industrial, mining and lots more projects. With thousands of residential, commercial and industrial projects done it's not hard to see why more people rely on the vast experience of the Totally Recommended painting team of professionals who take pride in their work and expect the job to be done right the first time. One of our major services is to make sure our employees work in their areas of expertise - this gives our clients the best job every time. We have focused on customer service in Perth and Western Australia from the beginning. From your first call you will notice we actually take time to enquire about your needs and come and see your painting project. You will notice our commitment to customer service through the painting project completion.

Mission Statement

The backbone of this company is its employees.

Totally Recommended Painting Service will provide quality painting and decoration to its residential and commercial customers for a fair market price. We will rely heavily on customer satisfaction (i.e repeat business, word of mouth) to supplement our marketing effort and spread name recognition.

Totally Recommended Painting Service will strive to provide a safe, stable, long term work environment in which its employees can prosper.

Totally Recommended Painting Service

Have proven to be the leaders in all painting aspects across Perth & Western Australia and in some cases over east

One of our sayings at Totally Recommended Painting Service is:
"there is no such thing as a bad paint job. Only a bad painter!"

Totally Recommended Painting Service have completed thousands of projects for great clients over the years from house painting interior and exterior to shopping centres and high rise projects. Nothing is too small or too large. Our professional painting team have been involved with some of the residential work of painting houses to painting large buildings in Perth's interior and exterior, working alongside some of the great architects of this great state. We have been involved on some great jobs over the time that has made us who we are today.

(The leaders in the painting field by far)

Painters Registration 6806/2396

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